pyramidal Kamine

This article shows examples of suspended glass pyramidal fireplaces projects by Bloch Design, offering elegance, transparence, clarity and luxury to your interior. In addition, their clear and open designs will give an immediate and multi-directional heat output. Pyramidal fireplaces can be situated in the middle of a room, used as a separation between two rooms, on a flat floor, in stairs or step as shown below.


XMAS2015  IMG_3348
pyramidal kamine SWE16

pyramidal kamine LYON14

glass005_view3  CV038b
pyramidal kamine VIEN38

pyramidal kamine CV048

CV035b  CV035a
pyramidal kamine CV035

CV029c  CV029a  CV029d
pyramidal kamine CV029

CV027a_lowreso  CV027b  CV027c
pyramidal kamine CV027

CV010a  CV010b
pyramidal kamine CV010

CV009a CV009j
pyramidal kamine CV009

pyramidal kamine CV007

pyramidal kamine

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