Sheraton Hotel Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

The Asado Steakhouse restaurant of the Oman Sheraton in Muscat was recently open to the public following a festive inauguration. The decoration, with the Bloch Design suspended glass fireplace in particular as a centrepiece along with the delicious food and good service offer guests a unique and memorable experience. Such round fireplaces are among the latest trends involving minimalistic, clean lines, timeless…

Glass Fireplaces by Bloch Design

“Glass Fireplaces by Bloch Design” published in Luxe High Life Magazine, Dublin, Ireland. Nothing makes a home more cosy and “homely” than a fireplace, especially one that also looks like a piece of architectural art. The price start from $20,000 varies with customizable specification. Bloch Designs offer glass fireplaces and contemporary furniture made from a variety…

Round fireplaces

Round fireplaces are among the latest trends involving minimalistic, clean lines, timeless materials and the utmost in beauty and efficiency. Enjoy such a beautiful round fireplace design element in a room, making your fireplace the centrepiece open on 360 degrees without any visible obstruction. These sculptural pieces of iconic design are as much an investment in art as…


あなたのインテリアに優雅、透明性、明快さと豪華さを提供ブロッホデザイン吊りガラスピラミッド状の暖炉のプロジェクト、。また、それらの明確かつオープンなデザインは、即時かつ多方向熱出力が得られます。以下に示すようにピラミッド状の暖炉は、階段やステップで、平らな床の上に、2部屋間の分離として使用する部屋の中央に配置することができます。      ピラミッド型の暖炉 SWE16 ピラミッド型の暖炉 LYON14      ピラミッド型の暖炉 VIEN38 ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV048    ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV035      ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV029      ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV027    ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV010   ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV009 ピラミッド型の暖炉 CV007 ピラミッド型の暖炉


Suspended fireplaces look spectacular and will transform your architectural interior, bringing elegance, character and style, as well as more light and transparency when free hanging fireplaces are in glass. Suspended fireplaces designs are minimalist, adding a creative and stunning accent to contemporary interior. Our hanging fireplaces will become a centrepiece in your home, a fire sculpture adding personality to…


炎をぐるりと360度楽しめることができるのがこちらのガラスで囲われたタイプの暖炉です。ガラスを通して見る“火”は一段と身近に感じることができますね。キャンプファイヤーを囲んで語り合った懐かしい日々を思い出して、部屋の中でもこんなお洒落な暖炉を囲んで楽しい時間を過ごしてみるのもいいかもしれません。 ガラス暖炉

A fireplace increases property value

Regardless of the architecture, style and size of a property, fireplaces are certain to remain a major asset. In a survey recently conducted, real estate agents said that it was a huge drawback if an old house had had its fireplaces removed. They stressed that fireplaces had to be in keeping with the house for them to add real value….