Fireplace by the sea

There is nothing like relaxing in front of a fireplace, with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and a book in the evening after a day on the ski slopes or after at work in the winter season. But fireplaces are no longer exclusively for winter use; their designs have changed and they are now widely used anywhere, anytime of the year.

Bloch Design has also completed fireplace projects in warm, hot and exotic countries. These include homes, palaces, hotels and restaurants located along the seafront, on islands, in desert as well as tropical forests.


Time have changed and now everyone wants to enjoy a cowsy atmosphere in front of a fireplace at home no matter the season or the weather. Wood fireplaces are the most authentic with the smell and sparks but they require extra work. This fireplace by the sea located on a very nice island is a free hanging fireplace providing transparency and light with no obstruction to the beautiful view of the pool and the ocean. The gas unit has a triple safety system and is controlled remotely.


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